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Our faculty offers 14 different courses of study. In our commitment to diversity, we welcome people from all backgrounds and cultures. We are especially proud to currently host more than 1400 students from 38 countries in our German and international courses of study.

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Courses of study

Our faculty offers courses of study in Physics, Meteorology, Geosciences and Geography. You can study Physics in German or English language. The master’s programme in Meteorology is offered in English.

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Here you will find news from the Study Office.

Deregistration from exams until two weeks before the exam date

Due to the highly dynamic situation of the pandemic, the withdrawal period from exams has been shortened. You can deregister from exams organised by our faculty until 14 days before the exam date without giving reasons.

Please deregister by email:

Physics, IPSP and Meteorology:
Send Email

Geography und Geosciences:
Send EMail

What are the consequences of deregistration?

  • The module registration is kept, including previously passed pre-examination requirements.
  • You will be automatically registered for the next exam date.

Examinations in presence/face-to-face or digital/with electronic transmission?

With the continuation of the face-to-face teaching option at our university, there is currently also the possibility of conducting face-to-face exams in accordance with the hygiene concept. However, due to the dynamic evolution of the pandemic, this situation may change within the next few weeks.

Courses of study in Physics and Meteorology

In principle, written exams are recommended as face-to-face exams. Oral exams are conducted as online video exams. However, this does not apply to oral exams in didactics of the teaching degree programmes in Physics, as these contain an experimental part.

The pandemic situation will be monitored very closely. Please pay attention to the announcements in AlmaWeb and the announcements of your examiners.

Courses of study in Geography and Geosciences

In order to allow reliable planning even in the event of a changing situation, the following guidelines on exams are recommended:

  • Oral exams: conducted online/digitally via Zoom or BBB
  • Written exams with a small numbers of participants (≤ 20): in presence/face-to-face
  • Written exams with a large numbers of participants (> 20 - 100): online

Please pay attention to the notices in AlmaWeb and the announcements of your examiners. For oral and written exams the announcements have already been updated according to the above recommendation.

Current regulations regarding failed exams: Grades of such exams will not be cancelled. This also applies to exams in which you do not participate and for which no prior written notice of withdrawal has been given.

(as of 27 January 2022)

In the following file you will find information on how to deal with a positive self-test or rapid test, as well as how to deal with symptoms or as a contact person:

Behaviour in case of a positive test, symptoms, as a contact person

In the context of the current Corona situation at the Faculty of Physics and Earth Sciences with reference to the Saxon Corona Protection Ordinance of 8 November 2021 and the current regulations of Leipzig University (announced on 11 November 2021 by ”MA-Rundmail”) the following mandatory regulations (A) and additional recommendations from our faculty (B) hold.

(A) Mandatory rules for students

  • Self-tests by non-vaccinated students that were carried out in accordance with the four-eyes principle will no longer be accepted. From 16 November 2021, the tests will no longer be given to students at the faculty. The current 3G rule for students to take part in face-to-face courses will be adapted in such a way that only recognised tests from test centres will be accepted.

  • Students can test

    • a) in public test centres (digital certificate may be available there)

    • or b) in the newly planned three decentralised test centres for students, which have been announced by Leipzig University for the week from 15 November 2021. The tests are carried out there by an external service provider and confirmed with a corresponding analog test document. From Monday, 15 November 2021 students can find out more about the exact locations and test times on the Leipzig University website.

  • From now on, checks on the 3G status will be carried out on a random basis by a security service.

  • Mouth and nose protection (preferably FFP2/KN95 mask, medical mask) is mandatory from now on on the traffic routes as well as in all courses and in the facilities of the university libraries.

(B) Additional recommendations: In addition, the Faculty of Physics and Earth Sciences recommends the following handling in the buildings and courses of the Faculty of Physics and Earth Science on a voluntary basis:

  • For practical courses: ALL students, vaccinated/tested/recovered, will only voluntarily take part in practical courses from 16 November 2021 if they provide a valid test certificate (test centre). This should be updated daily (here valid for 24 hours).
    The supervisors in the practical courses also carry out a daily self-test at the workplace.
  • For other courses, especially for seminars/excursions, etc. with a possible smaller distance between the participants than 1.5 m: The Faculty of Physics and Earth Sciences introduces the recommendation of “2G / 3G + test from test centre” for students. This means that all students, vaccinated/tested/recovered, will only take part voluntarily from 16 November 2021 if they provide a valid test certificate from a test centre (here: 48 hours validity).

The Dean's Office

Please also note the events of our faculty and subscribe to the relevant calendar if you are interested. Renowned scientists regularly present their results on exciting areas of current research in the colloquia.