At our faculty there are student representatives for physics and meteorology and student representatives for geography and geosciences.

enlarge the image: Four students in conversation in the seminar room
Student representatives, Photo: Colourbox

Student Representatives Physics and Meteorology

The student council (FaRaPhy) is the elected representation of all students of the programmes Physics, IPSP, Teaching Degree Programme Physics and Meteorology.

We represent the students' interests in the committees of our faculty and university. We also organise student activities, such as the first semester events or the third semester trip, and support student projects. We are happy to help with questions and problems during your studies. All students can participate and get involved in our public meetings. Feel free to contact us via email.

Student Representatives Geography and Geosciences

We are the elected representatives of all students of geography and geosciences at our faculty.

One of our most important tasks is the representation of the students in the committees of our faculty and university. We organise movie nights on geographically relevant topics, colloquia, the events in the first week for new students as well as semester start and semester end parties. We are happy to help if you have any questions or problems during your studies.

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