Here you can find out how to register and deregister for the exams at our faculty and when the exams take place.

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Information about the exams

When you register for a module at our faculty, you automatically register for the exam and the first re-take exam for organisational reasons.

If you have met the admission requirements for the exams and do not deregister from the module and exams in due time, the first exam date in the semester is binding. You can deregister from a module and the exams in AlmaWeb no later than four weeks before the end of the lecture period. After that, you can only withdraw from an exam for an important reason. To do this, you must submit an application to the examination board and receive a written approval from them.

If you do not appear for an exam without an important reason, the exam will be considered as failed.

First Re-take Exam

You can repeat a failed exam within one year after the first examination attempt. As a rule, this takes place in the next regular examination period, when the module is offered again after one year. Please note that you are automatically registered for the first re-take exam.

Different from this, many lecturers already offer a re-take exam in the same semester for students who have not passed the regular exam. You can decide whether you want to take this opportunity up to the day of the exam. You do not have to register for or de-register for this exam.

Second Re-take Exam

If you have to sit a second re-take exam, please submit an application to the examination board responsible for your subject. If they agree to your application, you must repeat the exam at the next possible examination date.

Important: If you have to sit a second re-take exam this semester and have not yet applied for it, please do this immediately. Without this application, you cannot sit the exams. Please also note that you have to sit the re-take exam within one year.

If you also fail the second re-take exam, the module is considered as failed. You can replace failed compulsory elective or elective modules by passing another compulsory elective or elective module. A failed compulsory module leads to the termination of your studies.

In Case of Illness

Are you ill and unable to sit an exam? Please submit the form certificate of incapacity for work together with the original certificate of incapacity for work from your doctor to the study office immediately. Both must be handed in within three days. In the case of a second re-take exam, you will need an attestation from a public health officer. You can hand in the documents in the study office, drop them in the letter box of the study office or send them by post.

Please also briefly inform the examiner or the person responsible for the module.

Hints for Applications to the Examination Board

Please submit your application to the examination board responsible for your subject timely before the meetings in the study office. The following information must not be missing:

  • Surname, first name
  • Address
  • Matriculation number
  • Course of study
  • Semester and und year of enrolment
  • University email address

For legal reasons, all applications must be signed.

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