Screenshot of team members during Zoom meeting. Photo: André Ehrlich / Leipzig University

Our team

Meet the members of the team of the Atmospheric radiation working group.

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Research aircraft Polar 5 seen from below, flying along the cloud edge. Photo: Michael Schäfer

Research profile

Our research group investigates the interaction of spectral solar radiation with clouds and the Earth's surface by means of observations and models.

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Sketch showing a cloud with droplets and ice particles. An aircraft is flying above the cloud, while a tethered balloon is shown below the cloud. Graphic: University of Leipzig
Logos of our research projects AC3 and HALO. Grafic: University of Leipzig
Logos of our completed projects NAWDEX, ACRIDCON-CHUVA, NAWDEX und ANT-LAND. Graphic: University of Leipzig NARVAL, NAWDEX, ACRIDCON-CHUVA, NAWDEX und ANT-LAND. Grafics: University of Leipzig
The positions of numerous measurement campaigns are shown on a world map. The focus is on the polar regions as well as the tropical and subtropical areas. Graphic: Evi Jäkel / University of Leipzig
Alternativtext: The schematics shows a cross section through a grating spectrometer. It illustrates the simplified photon path. Radiation passes the entrance slit. A grating disperses the radiation into it‘s spectral components which are detected by a photodiode array. Graphic: André Ehrlich / University of Leipzig


Blue and white brochures stand on the shelf. Foto Katrin Schandert

Our Publications

On these pages you find the publications of our working group.

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