Physics Laboratory

Undergraduate Physics Laboratory

In the Undergraduate Laboratory Courses the students should practice and consolidate what they have learned in the Experimental Physics Lectures. This includes experience and skills in planning, performing and evaluating of basic experiments from the fields of Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Electrodynamics and Optics. Objectives of the laboratory courses are the operation of laboratory instruments, the writing of laboratory records as well as the graphical presentation and analysis of measured values using scientific software.

Advanced Physics Laboratory

The Advanced Lab is the link between the Introductory Lab and the almost independent work during the preparation of the master thesis. Besides bringing up a scientific style of working the Advanced Lab shall link and widen the present knowledge. The experimental skills and the way of physical thinking shall be trained also.

The experiments are outlined in such a way that the students investigate fundamental physical phenomena with the appropriate method in order to determine some material parameters or physical constants. For that reason the experimental setups were fundamentally updated in the last years and descriptions of the experiments were made. These descriptions are mostly quite substantial since the necessary knowledge is sometimes not given in the lectures, up to this point of the studies. On the other hand it encourages the private study.

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Undergraduate Physics Laboratory
Prof. Dr. Michael Ziese
Prager Straße 34–36
04317 Leipzig


Advanced Physics Laboratory
Prof. Dr. Michael Lorenz
Vor dem Hospitaltore 1
04103 Leipzig