Teresa Vogl

Teresa Vogl

Research Fellow

Arktische Klimaänderungen (JP)
Prager Straße 34-36
04317 Leipzig

Teresa Vogl is doing her PhD on microphysical growth processes in mixed-phase clouds.

  • Kecorius, S.; Vogl, T.; Paasonen, P. et al.
    New particle formation and its effect on cloud condensation nuclei abundance in the summer Arctic: a case study in the Fram Strait and Barents Sea
    Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. 2019. 19 (22). pp. 14339-14364
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  • Kalesse-Los, H.; Vogl, T.; Paduraru, C.; Luke, E.
    Development and validation of a supervised machine learning radar Doppler spectra peak-finding algorithm
    Atmos. Meas. Tech.. 2019. pp. 4591-4617
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  • Vogl, T.; Maahn, M.; Kneifel, S.; Schimmel, W.; Moisseev, D.; Kalesse-Los, H.
    Using artificial neural networks to predict riming from Doppler cloud radar observations.
    Atmospheric Measurement Techniques. 2021. pp. 365-381
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