Physics Christmas Lecture on 20.12.2018

Physics Christmas Lecture on 20.12.2018

On December 20, at the Faculty of Physics and Earth Sciences it will be Christmas: sun, sand and waves – this year's and 43rd Physics Christmas Lecture will be held under the motto "Tropical Christmas" by Prof. Marius Grundmann and Axel Märcker. They take the audience to a Caribbean beach that makes them forget the gray December days. The physicists reflect on various phenomena on the shores, such as the sunset, a mirage and figures in the sand. With a little help, the sand even liquefies. Swimming in the sea, of course, requires buoyancy and propulsion, which are playfully demonstrated and explained, with the salt being a must. It is clear that the physicists also have special methods for cooling drinks ... and a touch of Ballermann must not be missed when experimenting with a sangria bucket – here also the help of the audience is needed. The lecture will take place at 9:15 am in the Large Lecture Hall in Linnéstraße 5. Timely arrival secures good seats.

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Physics Christmas Lecture on 20.12.2018


On December 20, at the Faculty of Physics and Earth Sciences...