Highly Endowed Scholarship for Cloud Research at Leipzig University: Scientist from the University of Hertfordshire Comes to the Institute for Meteorology

Highly Endowed Scholarship for Cloud Research at Leipzig University: Scientist from the University of Hertfordshire Comes to the Institute for Meteorology

Dr. Matthias Tesche from the University of Hertfordshire in England recently won a scholarship worth 1.5 million euros as part of the German–French program "Make our planet great again". With this, from January 2019 he will lead a working group on aerosol, clouds and climate at the Institute for Meteorology of Leipzig University for four years. The researchers will study the interactions between atmospheric particles and clouds based on satellite data. These aerosol–cloud interactions describe the as yet poorly understood influence of particles on the brightness, development, lifetime, water phase and rain rate of clouds.

Dr. Matthias Tesche, Photo: private

"The results of our project will provide important indications for the evaluation of climate models, thereby contributing to the improvement of our scientific understanding of the climate change", says Tesche. His project has two innovative aspects: First, detailed observations of atmospheric particles are used to determine the concentration of particles that can interact with clouds. On the other hand, measurements of polar orbiting and geostationary satellites are combined. This allows clouds to be observed in great detail and throughout their lifecycle.

"Leipzig as a research location with the Institute for Meteorology and the Leibniz Institute for Tropospheric Research is a worldwide renowned center for aerosol and cloud research. I have been in contact with both institutions since my doctoral thesis. After several years abroad I wanted to come back to Germany. A cooperation with Leipzig University was obvious", explains the 37-year-old. In addition to his position, the scholarship will also finance the three doctoral candidates and two postdocs. There are also funds for travel, publications and computing infrastructure at the Institute for Meteorology of Leipzig University.

Tesche is looking forward to returning to his hometown after several years abroad and implementing his own research project in his own working group. "On the one hand, this means great responsibility, but it also gives me the freedom to set my own research priorities", he emphasizes.

At the University of Hertfordshire, Tesche is currently involved in setting up a new laboratory for atmospheric observations using laser light. He also studies how airplanes alter the properties of cirrus clouds as they fly through, and performs measurements of mineral dust particles in the atmosphere over the eastern Mediterranean Sea.

Tesche is one of 13 renowned international researchers selected by a panel of experts from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) as project leader in Germany. They are part of the German–French program "Make Our Planet Great Again", which both governments have agreed to after the Paris climate agreement. The new funding program developed by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and implemented by the DAAD goes back to an initiative by French president Emmanuel Macron. With their commitment, both countries want to make a contribution to achieving the climate goals.

Translated from the Press Release of Leipzig University

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