1. How do I apply?

All foreign students with a secondary school leaving certificate or a Bachelor certificate from abroad must apply via the University Application Service for International Students: uni-assist.


Bachelor01.04.-01.09.In case you are required to provide a visa, we recommend to apply by 15.07.

All of the documents on the checklist must be included in the admission application. The full application must be submitted to uni-assist.

2. What qualifications do I have to fulfill?

English language proficiency

English language proficiency equivalent to the B2 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, Teaching, Assessment is required.

Applicants whose native language is not English need to submit one of the following proofs/certificates:

  • TOEFL scores (minimum)  pBT: 500, cBT: 173: iBT: 61
  • IELTS score (minimum) 5,5
  • Proof of a minimum of 500 hours of English (proof needs to be provided in the form of transcript of the secondary school leaving certificate or letter of confirmation from the secondary school where the certificate was received)

3. How much does it cost?

Tuition fees
Currently no tuition fees are charged for a first-degree course at Leipzig University.

Student Fee
Every semester you have to pay a student fee for the “Studentenwerk Leipzig” (Leipzig Student Services), the student body and the semester ticket:

  • student body (currently 8,50 EUR)
  • the mobility fund (currently 1,50 EUR)
  • the “Studentenwerk Leipzig (Leipzig Student Services) (currently 75 EUR)
  • and for the MDV ticket for public transportation (currently 135 EUR) every semester. 

The semester fee currently totals 220 EUR for regular students and 230 EUR for new students. Students who have withdrawn from the student body do not pay the contribution to the student body. The higher amount newly enrolled students pay is due to a one-off deposit of 10 EUR for the machine-readable student card (UniCard). 

Monthly living costs

You will need about 650 EUR a month for your living expenses in Leipzig. Of course, this figure is only an estimate and depends on how much you spend.
Please remember that you must provide proof of secured funding for your living expenses when you apply for a visa in your home country.

Here are some examples of monthly expenses in Leipzig:

  • Rent for apartment/room: around 150.00 EUR - 250.00 EUR
  • Health insurance: around 80.00 EUR
  • Study materials: around 50.00 EUR
  • Food, clothing, miscellaneous requirements: around 250.00 EUR.

In addition to monthly costs, you will have to pay deposits for your accommodation, UniCard etc. at the beginning of your stay. So plan on about 600 EUR to start you off in Leipzig. Please also note that you will have to pay the semester fee and, if applicable, the semester ticket at the beginning of each semester.


Generally, there are no scholarships for first-year international students or for the basic degree courses in Germany, since there are also no tuition fees at the universities. However, you can find more information on the DAAD website.

Please find out about possible funding in your home country.

4. Where can I live?

The “Studentenwerk Leipzig” (Leipzig Student Services) offers furnished rooms in halls of residence. You can apply online as soon as you have received a letter of admission. If you have any questions about a hall of residence, please contact the Studentenwerk Leipzig.

However, Leipzig has a wide range of reasonably priced apartments and rooms. You can find more information here.

5. I have been accepted! What's next?

In case that you have to apply for a student visa, please look at the web page of the German embassy in your home country regarding the procedure.

You could also start looking for a room (e.g. in a hall of residence) or apartment. 

For IPSP beginner students we offer regularly in the last week of September before the semester starts a free Math prep course. The prep course is not only for revising mathematics, but also to get to know student fellows, the city of Leipzig and to form study groups. Participation is voluntary and free of charge (for first year students).

Do not forget to re-enrol!

While studying at Leipzig University, each semester you are required to re-enrol for the following semester. Otherwise, you may be removed from the university register. 


01.06-31.07 for the winter term
01.12-31.01 for the summer 

To re-enrol for the following semester, you must pay the semester fee. You have the option of paying your semester fee with a SEPA direct debiting service through the AlmaWeb portal. Upon selecting "Studies" and "Re-registration", you will be shown your current balance. You can then place an order for a one-off direct debit for this amount by entering your IBAN (International Bank Account Number) and BIC (Business Identifier Code).This generates a singular SEPA-mandate and its reference number, which will be listed in the AlmaWeb portal. To finalize the payment, you will be asked to confirm the action by entering an iTAN.

Please note that you must be the holder of the account or entitled to sign for the stated account. Third persons such as parents are currently not allowed to settle the semester fee for you through their own bank accounts. 

If you cannot use the above-mentioned payment method, please pay the semester fee to Sparkasse Leipzig: 

IBAN: DE 91860555921100156760     BIC: WELADE8LXXX.

Always enter your Matrikelnummer (enrolment number), your full name, and the semester (WS for winter semester/SS for summer semester) into the section Verwendungszweck (purpose of use).

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Study Consultants

Experimental Physics
Prof. Dr. Pablo Esquinazi
Felix Bloch Institute for Solid State Physics
Linnéstraße 5, Room 412
04103 Leipzig


Theoretical Physics
Prof. Dr. Klaus Kroy
Institute for Theoretical Physics
Brüderstraße 16, Room 307
04103 Leipzig



E-mail: buddy[a]physik.uni-leipzig.de


Office for Study Affairs
Faculty of Physics and Earth Sciences
Linnéstraße 5, Room 215
04103 Leipzig

E-mail: studium.phys.geo[a]uni-leipzig.de

Office Hours

09.00 a.m.–12:00 (noon)
01:00–03:30 p.m.

09.00 a.m.–12:00 (noon)