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Our faculty offers 14 different courses of study. In our commitment to diversity, we welcome people from all backgrounds and cultures. We are especially proud to currently host more than 1400 students from 38 countries in our German and international courses of study.

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Courses of study

Our faculty offers courses of study in Physics, Meteorology, Geosciences and Geography. You can study Physics in German or English language. The master’s programme in Meteorology is offered in English.

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Here you will find news from the Study Office.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, there are currently significant restrictions in our academic operations. Apart from a few exceptions, there are no face-to-face courses also in the summer semester 2021.

We would like to draw your attention to important announcements of the University’s crisis management team and to the essential central announcements for students. You will also find additional regulations of our faculty below.

If you have any questions regarding the legal basis, please also note the new regulations for the courses of study of our faculty (Manteländerungssatzung der Fakultät für Physik und Geowissenschaften) in the official announcements of our university.

a) Exams

Currently, no face-to-face exams can held at our faculty.

Following § 2 (1) of the Manteländerungssatzung these regulations also apply for the summer semester 2021. However, if the prerequisites cease to exist, an early cancellation is possible. Currently, it is not yet possible to specify whether exams will be held digitally or in attendance this semester.

If you are asked to submit handwritten solutions in PDF format, free PDF scanners for your smartphone (for example Adobe Scan and CamScanner) can provide valuable services in addition to classic scanners. Compared to photos, the readability is often much better and the size of the files is significantly smaller.

For video exams under BigBlueButton, please check the guide for students of our e-Learning service.

b) Extension of the deadline for written examinations

In contrast to the two previous semesters, there is no university-wide regulation for a uniform extension of the submission deadlines for final theses or term papers.

However, you may send a short justified request to your examination board to check whether a corona-related extension of the deadline can be granted according to §10 of the Manteländerungssatzung. It addition, there is the option of extension upon request according to § 19 (3) of your regular examination regulations.

c) Thesis submission

Due to the closure of our building and the restriction on printing theses, you may submit your thesis as a PDF file by email to the Study Office. The date of receipt will be accepted as submission date. Please include a signed statement of independence in the document and mail the printed hardcopies to the Study Office as soon as possible.

Alternatively, you may submit your printed thesis by mail and include a disk or pendrive with the electronic version. In this case, the date of the postmark documents the official submission date.

d) Cancellation of failed examinations

As long as the Manteländerungssatzung applies, all failed exams will be cancelled and will not count as an examination attempt. This also applies to exams that are failed due to missed deadlines or non-attendance. However, the regulation does not apply in the case of attempted deception or a breach of regulations. Also, grades of passed exams cannot be cancelled or improved by retaking the exam.

Please note that cancellations is implemented in a two-stage procedure. The grade of 5.0 will be recorded first and only replaced afterwards using an automatic procedure. Please do not report to the Study Office until you see a 5.0 for more than four weeks in your study account.

e) Extension of the standard period of study

The Saxon State Parliament has passed a Corona-related extension of the individual standard period of study for the summer semester 2020, the winter semester 2020/2021 and the summer semester 2021. You can find further details in the central information about the standard period of study. This is an important requirement for the extension of scholarships and funding programmes (e.g. BAföG funding) for corona-related study delays. For details, please contact the Studentenwerk Leipzig.

Please note that a pandemic-related non-crediting of these semesters to the standard period of study (which you may have applied for at Leipzig University) cannot be additionally claimed.

Version of 26 May 2021

Office hours of the Study Office

Until further notice, our presence office hours will unfortunately have to be cancelled, however, we can make personal appointments in certain cases. If you have any questions or problems, please send us an email from your university email address or call us during the regular office hours.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic we also regularly work from home. Please understand that this can lead to restrictions in our accessibility.

  • Physics, IPSP, Mathematical Physics, Teaching Degree Programme Physics, Meteorology:

    Phone: +49 341 97-32407

    Send email
  • Geography, Geosciences:

    Phone: +49 341 97-32408

    Send email

Please submit documents and applications to the examination board electronically:

  • Physics, IPSP, Mathematical Physics, Teaching Degree Programme Physics, Meteorology:
    Send email or Send email

Please also note the events of our faculty and subscribe to the relevant calendar if you are interested. Renowned scientists regularly present their results on exciting areas of current research in the colloquia.