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Summer term 2020


Winter term 2019/20  

Withdrawal from a module

Withdrawal from a module and the associated withdrawal from the module examination (only in case of the first try!) can be carried out in AlmaWeb up to 4 weeks before the end of the lecture period at the latest.

Deadline in the summer term 2020 :  June 2020, 20th

If the withdrawal from the module is carried out within this deadline, all examination components within the module that have already been completed will be classified as not completed. After this, withdrawal from examination is only possible on the basis of important reasons and requires written notification of withdrawal and written approval from the Examination Board.

Module Registration

Students of the B. Sc. IPSP and M. Sc. IPSP have to register for the modules in the winter term 2020/21 directly via AlmaWeb.

Registration starts on October 7th, 2020 at noon (12.00) and ends April 14th, 2020 at 17.00.

Please note that you have to register first for the module and afterwards for the specific module classes (lecture, exercise) within the module.

With the module registration you are automatically registered for the exams. Here you find a click-by-click guide for the system.

Students who were already registered for a module in AlmaWeb but did not pass the exam successfully cannot register again: If you want to take part in the lectures and exercises please send an e-mail from your student account to <einschreibung-physgeo [AT]>


In case of problems with the module registration contact us via e-mail <einschreibung-physgeo[a]> from your University e-mail address (not your private one!) or come to our office (room 215)



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