Leipzig Spin Resonance Colloquium

LSR Colloquium

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Current Program

The Dutch 14T Whole-Body Imaging System Initiative

In February 2023 the Dutch Science Foundation (NWO) awarded €19M to a consortium of seven Dutch research institutions to establish 14T human MRI scanner in Nijmegen. In this presentation I will cover the salient features of the project, starting with a general introduction covering the background, history and aims of the consortium. I will then describe the technical features, with a particular emphasis on the use of high temperature superconductor for the magnet design. I will explain what we expect to achieve with the system in brain imaging, and briefly cover the application to other organs and the potential use of X-nuclei. I will explain our approach to safety, siting, and the long term development of the project.

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LSRC coordinator: Dr. Evgeniya Kirillina, contact email