This page gives information about the current schedule of the MaReMas seminar.

The Seminar takes place every Tuesday 11:00–12:00 on zoom. For the password and inquiries pleasse contact Prof. Dr. Rustem Valiullin.

There are different time frames depending on the speaker and topic:

  • PhD Students, Master and Bachelor student: 10 minutes talk and 10 minutes discussion
  • Evaluation talks: 20 minutes talk and 20 minutes discussion
  • Guests: 45 minutes talk and 15 minutes discussion


MaReMas Seminar Topics

Date Speaker Title Remarks
12.10.21 - Misc  
19.10.21 Gert Klotzsche Safety instructions  
09.11.21 Paolo Bruzzese 17O Spin Density Studies of Single-Metal Sites in Cu-CHA Zeolites 10+10
Jeremias Zill Kinetics of structural phase transition in MIL-53 10 +10
16.11.21 Yu-Kai Liao  Unveiling the Nature of Cr5+ at the Silica Surface in Phillips Catalysts by Advanced EPR Techniques 10 + 10
Matthias Mendt The temperature dependent mobility of  isolated TEMPO radicals in the MOF Zn2(bdc)2dabco from the perspective of EPR 10 + 10
30.11.21 Henry Enninful Developing NMR cryoporometry framework for Interconnected Spherical Pores 10 + 10  
Stefan Tsankov NMR/NQR studies on LSCO cuprate 10 + 10
14.12.21 Kavipriya Thangavel EPR investigations on DUT-49(Cu) MOF to Elucidate the Gas Adsorption Properties 10 + 10
Daniel Bandur Revisiting LSCO with NQR/NMR 20 + 20
11.01.22 Jakob Nachtigal Temperature-Independent Cuprate Pseudogap from Planar Oxygen NMR 10 + 10
Marija Avramovska Cuprate 17O NMR data and the single component picture 10 + 10
Robin Gühne Nuclear magnetic resonance of Bismuth metal 10 + 10
Jürgen Haase

Recent developments with NMR and the high-Tc cuprates

5 + 10
25.01.12 Rustem Valiullin Recent advancements in understanding phase coexistences in disordered porous solids 5 + 10


Other important events

Date & Time Event Title Place
Weekly Colloquium Leipzig Spin Resonance Colloquium on Wednesdays, 16:00 per Zoom Zoom
1./8.11.21, 2.30pm MDR Meeting Link to Event  

03.05.21, 2.30pm

MDR Meeting Program Zoom
02.10.20, 2.30pm MDR Meeting Program Zoom
04.02.20 Physik-Kolloquium Leif Schröder: Molecular sensing in NMR/MRI applications with hyperpolarized Xe in host-guest complexes Theory Lecture Hall
PhD defence Nataliya Georgieva: 77Se NMR study of the topological insulator Bi2Se3 Small Lecture Hall,
MDR Meeting Program  Small Lecture Hall,
Johannisallee 29


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