This page gives information about the current schedule of the MaReMas seminar.

The Seminar takes place every Monday 9.30am–10.30pm on zoom. For the password and inquiries pleasse contact Prof. Dr. Rustem Valiullin.

There are different time frames depending on the speaker and topic:

  • PhD Students, Master and Bachelor student: 10 minutes talk and 10 minutes discussion
  • Evaluation talks: 20 minutes talk and 20 minutes discussion
  • Guests: 45 minutes talk and 15 minutes discussion


MaReMas Seminar Topics

Date Speaker Title Remarks
12.04.21 Henry Enninful Impact of Geometrical Disorder on Phase Equilibria of Fluids and Solids Confined in Mesoporous Materials 10 + 10
19.04.21 Matthias Mendt Characterizing defects in the MOF DUT-8(Ni) by PR after butane ad- and desorption cycling 10 + 10
26.04.21 Jeremias Zill Adsorption of Methane in MOF NH2-MIL53(Al) observed by NMR 10 + 10
03.05.21 Danica Pavicevic Properties of superconducting cuprates from NMR/NQR line shift and relaxation 20 + 20
10.05.21 Carsten Kattinger

How pressure enhances Tc of the high temperature superconductor YBa2Cu3O6+y

10 + 10
17.05.21 Kavipriya Thangavel Elucidation of spin states and incorporation site of high spin transition metal ions in metal-organic frameworks' 45 + 30
31.05.21 Jakob Nachtigal NMR study of Antimony in Sb2Te3 20 + 20
07.06.21 Daniel Bandur NMR with Ortho- and Para-water 10 + 10
14.06.21 Richard Reznicek Electron and hole doping of magnetite 10 + 10
21.06.21 Stefan Tsankov Effects of Pressure on the charge properties of YBa2Cu3O6+y 20 + 20
28.06.21 Marija Avramovska Using NMR and IR microscopy to understand RHX in ceramic powders 10 + 10
05.07.21 Franziska Zahn NMR diffusion studies in narrow channels of macroporous silicon 20 + 20
12.07.21 Jakob Nachtigal Calcium NMR 20 + 20
19.07.21 Benno Meier, KIT Nuclear Magnetic Resonance of Spin Isomers 30 + 30


Other important events

Date & Time Event Title Place
Weekly Colloquium Leipzig Spin Resonsnce Colloquium on Wednesdays, 16:00 Zoom
1./8.11.21, 2.30pm MDR Meeting Link to Event  

03.05.21, 2.30pm

MDR Meeting Program Zoom
02.10.20, 2.30pm MDR Meeting Program Zoom
04.02.20 Physik-Kolloquium Leif Schröder: Molecular sensing in NMR/MRI applications with hyperpolarized Xe in host-guest complexes Theory Lecture Hall
PhD defence Nataliya Georgieva: 77Se NMR study of the topological insulator Bi2Se3 Small Lecture Hall,
MDR Meeting Program  Small Lecture Hall,
Johannisallee 29


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