SHK/WHK Positions

Positions for Student and Scientific Assistants

The Faculty of Physics and Earth Sciences is offering positions as student or scientific assistants to interested students. Positions are available in teaching, in the physics study programs especially for homework correction and tutoring. Moreover, some research groups offer positions for scientific work.


Depending on the university degree you already have, you might be employed either as a student or a scientific assistant.

Students in a B.Sc. program will be employed as student assistants (SHK) at a current hourly rate of 10,17 €.

Students in a M.Sc. program or students in a B.Sc. program who already hold a previous B.Sc. degree will be employed as scientific assistants (B-WHK) at a current hourly rate of 11,84 €.

Students who already graduated from a M.Sc. program could be employed as scientific assistants (WHK) at a current hourly rate of 16,10 €, provided the position is in agreement with the regulations of the Wissenschaftszeitvertragsgesetz (Act of Academic Fixed-Term Contract).

Students in a B.Sc. program will usually not be employed before completing the second semester.

Current Job Advertisements

In the summer semester 2020 about 15–20 SHK/WHK positions are available for homework correction. These are usually assigned to the following modules:

B.Sc. Physik
Experimentalphysik 2 (in German)
Experimentalphysik 4 (in German)
Theoretische Physik 2 (in German)
Theoretische Physik 4 (in German)

Experimental Physics 2
Experimental Physics 4
Theoretical Physics 2
Theoretical Physics 4
Numerical Methods

Lehramt Physik
Experimentalphysik 2 (in German)
Theoretische Physik 1 (in German)

Experimentalphysik für Chemiker (in German)

Please apply for positions in physics teaching via email to the Dean of Studies in Physics and Meteorology:
Prof. Dr. Michael Ziese

Please attach a CV and indicate your preferred teaching choice.

last modified: 21.01.2020