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Electric field lines

Knowledge of the physical world has been imparted to students of Leipzig University since it was founded in 1409. In 1557 the first professorship of physics in Leipzig was created and in 1871 one of the first chairs for geography in Germany was set up at Leipzig University. In the 20th century physics in Leipzig flourished with researchers such as Otto Wiener, Ludwig Boltzmann, Werner Heisenberg or Gustav Hertz. Geophysics and geology in Leipzig are associated with names such as Hermann Credner, Hans Stille, Franz Kossmat and Ludwig Weickmann. Today the subject physics is offered in German and English. More than 1200 students from 38 countries are working towards the coveted degrees at the Faculty of Physics and Earth Sciences.


Graduate School BuildMoNa Celebrates its Tenth Anniversary


In November 2017, the Graduate School "Leipzig School of Natural Sciences – Building with Molecules and Nano-objects" (BuildMoNa) at Leipzig...

Position of the Liaison Professor Established


The position of the liaison professor was established in summer 2017 to support female physics students – especially young female undergraduate ...

History of the Forest in North Africa Tells of Climate Changes of Past Times


An international research team led by the University of Manchester in cooperation with the Leipzig geographer Prof. Dr. Christoph Zielhofer has...

Honors for Scientists from Leipzig University


A biophysicist from Leipzig University gives the renowned Woolmer Lecture. A chemist is honored with the Felix Bloch Prize. A mathematician and a...


Herr Peter Schikowsky


Die Fakultät für Physik und Geowissenschaften gibt in tiefer Trauer bekannt, dass Herr Dr. Peter Schikowsky am 24. April 2017 nach schwerer Krankheit...

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Faculty of Physics and Earth Sciences
Prof. Dr. Jürgen Haase
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Physics Colloquium

21.11.2017, 05:00–06:00 p.m.
Physics of sensing and shaping membranes in living cells
Prof. Dr. Gerhard Hummer, Max Planck Institute of Biophysics and Goethe University Frankfurt

Meteorolog. Colloquium

23.11.2017, 02:00–03:00 p.m.
Dr. phil. Gregor Lax, Max Planck Institute for Chemistry, Otto Hahn Institute


23.11.2017, 05:00–06:00 p.m.
GDCh Colloquium: Von der Promotion zum Management
Dr. Christian Schleicher, Bayer AG, Bitterfeld-Wolfen

28.11.2017, 05:15–06:15 p.m.
CRC TRR 102 Seminar: Ex situ and in situ NMR of battery materials
Dr. Pieter Magusin, University of Cambridge, UK

18th International NTZ Workshop CompPhys17